Who this website is for

The Languages Gateway is for everyone. Key audiences include teachers, school leaders, academics, parents, students, learners of all ages, careers advisers, employers, policymakers and lead stakeholders in the languages sector.

There are resources here for all of these audiences, and the list is growing all the time.

The site is intended to encourage participation from everyone in languages, and to encourage new collaborations and initiatives. See 'Our mission and ambition' for more on this.


Primary and secondary teachers across the UK form the backbone of the nation's capability in languages. We hope this site will help teachers connect to more of the key organisations, networks and resources that can provide support, guidance and inspiration - including learning from what is happening in other jurisdictions around the UK.

School leaders and governors

School and college leaders have a crucial role to play in ensuring the benefits of language learning are offered to their students - including the cultural, interpersonal and cognitive skills that are inherent to language study, international opportunities and academic success. The Languages Gateway aims to list evidence, guidance and supporting organisations for school leaders seeking to boost languages and cultural education in their establishments.

Researchers, academics and subject associations

Experts in our universities and subject associations, including teacher educators, are in a unique position to shape the future of the place and role of languages in education, culture and society at large. This site aims to bring together links to the many disparate threads of language expertise in one place to help the UK's language experts drive forward a step change in the country's multilingualism.


Parents can do so much to guide and support their children in their language learning, whether learning a new language in the classroom or a home or heritage language at home or in a supplementary school. We aim to provide parents with links to support, networks, courses, resources and useful guidance and evidence to help you help your child in their language study.


If you are reading this, you are already an interested student of languages, and this site is for you! Whether at school, college, university or as an adult learner, learning languages opens up a world of opportunities, travel and experiences that are simply out of reach to those who don't have language skills. We aim to provide you with links to information and useful contacts who will inspire you and support you to learn languages, from courses in your neighbourhood to ideas for your career and international mobility.

Careers advisers

Language skills are a great advantage in the workplace especially when combined with international experience and intercultural and interpersonal skills. We aim to bring together evidence, opportunities and resources for careers advisers in schools and colleges to guide students.


Whether in the languages industry, an exporter or an employer interested in linguists' transferable skills, this site aims to help connect you with networks and information to help equip you with the staff and language skills you need.


Language is a ribbon that threads through many policy areas: education of course, but also foreign affairs, defence, international trade, healthcare, justice, sustainable development, communities and human rights. This site lists lead policy stakeholders and resources across the four nations of the UK.

Do you have suggestions for changes or additions to the resources listed for your area of interest? Get in touch to let us know.