Our vision and mission

Download our printable Briefing Note describing the site, its mission and vision here (PDF, 170KB).

Our vision: a UK in which all languages are valued and virtually everyone knows at least one language in addition to English.

Our mission is to help increase language-learning across the UK by facilitating access to existing opportunities and information, by increasing awareness of them, and by fostering links between different sectors.

We aim to provide a one-stop shop for all things languages in the UK, facilitating links between all those interested in languages: learners, families, community groups, teachers, school leaders, academics, policymakers, subject associations. We intend the site to be open and inclusive, a tool for everyone to use and contribute to, building a collective sense of ownership and partnership.

The Languages Gateway - Theory of change

A word about terminology:

We promote the learning of all languages, including signed. Some of the websites to which we give access use more particular expressions, such as ‘modern languages’, ‘community languages’, ‘home/heritage languages’, ‘indigenous UK languages’, ‘ancient languages’, ‘modern foreign languages’, 'international languages' and ‘languages other than English’. Some of these expressions are contested. Given our inclusive approach, we do not take a view on their merits, but give access to websites that use them in different ways, and to the debates surrounding them.